Sharing love across the nation of India

Our primary purpose is to encourage, develop and expand support for work among the poor in India. Our immediate goal is to gather funds for the purpose of supporting charitable activities (such as women’s hygiene, health care, HIV slum projects, disaster relief, and orphan children’s homes).

Our long term goal is to develop a spirit of compassion among India’s growing middle class that will directly reach and support the less fortunate. Developing indigenous programs as India becomes a First World Nation.

A Nation of Seekers

Today there is a door of opportunity; things are changing in India. It is becoming a major international manufacturing economy. Many of India’s old ways are being rethought and many are being put aside. The Indian people are looking for answers. We have the opportunity to share the truth of the Good News with people who are looking for these answers. In much of the world, missions struggle to find those willing to listen. In India there is a ready audience for the message of Help and Hope. When a branch fellowship is established in a village, statistics show that within three to five years, ten percent of the village populations have responded to the truth. These are not nominal lives; to become a Believer means rejection by your family in a culture where family is everything. Therefore, the local fellowship becomes the believer’s family, much as it did in the early New Testament.

Hearts for India

Light to India Foundation has been called to serve the nation of India through resources, donors and funding raising given to them by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our Hope is to answer the call in our lives to spread the Hope across the nations. After raising our 5 children in the USA, God called us to continue with the children of India. We love to teach and share the love of God to all who will invite us. As we press to meet the many needs in the work in India, we ask your continued support over what we have been ask to do. We have made it a priority policy to see that every dollar we receive for India goes to India. We do not use funds given to India for any other purpose. We use our own resources to run many projects, to pay for travel, mailings, office supplies, web site expenses, etc.. We will, with your help, continue this policy.

Recent News From Light to India Foundation

The Working Class

There is a direct challenge to meet the needs of the growing economy in India, and that will take a team of workers. For generations in India, the working class people have carried the load of labor every day. This small group of people consists mostly of family member who have moved from north India to find work in one of the bigger cities in the south. We arrived there to see the damage that had been done over time to their makeshift homes. The heat by day was wearing on their lives. The rain came in their huts, and mud flowed across their beds. Each day they would go out to find work repairing cook top propane stoves. Without …

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24 Hours

It had been 24 hours of constant moving and going. As led, we seemed to race across India, in and out of villages and homes . The cities were packed with busy streets and in the villages, the children were playing along and in the roadways. We heard the sounds of temple worship from local areas all along each location we traversed. Water buffalo, their legs tethered with ropes (official brake checkers), filling the roads and highway in the early hours of the day, to get to the green grass on the other side of the fields. Not one car stayed on the correct side of the road and there was no speed limit. Our necks and backs swayed and …

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New Lives for Old

Prostitution is as common in India as any where else on Earth. But in India, the primary reasons are extreme poverty and lack of education. Indian girls, particularly those from rural India, are often not trained except in domestic skills. Cooking (over an open fire), cleaning (sweeping a dirt floored hut and beating laundry on a flat stone) and child care. Food and shelter are provided by a father, a family member or a husband. If he is injured or dies or abandons the family, she is often destitute with no salable skills. To eat, to live, she is forced to sell the only thing she has, her body. This is the problem; Light to India Ministries is seeking a …

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