Our journey of 105 villages and cities across India was a humbling success, as we met many loving and kind people from every walk of life. We will never be able to forget each place and home, for they have been forever engrained in our hearts. We were able to visit the rich, poor, educated, unreached; people of all religions and ages. We have learned of many great needs of this nation. We hope to continue working with these individuals and groups who have now become important people and places for the Light to India Foundation.

The Indian mission director gave an agreed amount to Dee and Lawton King, based upon what it would cost to take the journey to each area. We traveled from north to south, east and west, via planes, trains, cars and autos, even walking when necessary, to accomplish our directive. Monies were sent ahead and registered, to cover all airlines, motels, food, car rental, and fuel. Bibles were purchased for many areas, as well as rice for feeding people at meetings. Donations were given for rental spaces, clothing for adults, children, poor widows and lepers. Distribution and donations were agreed upon and sent before we set out on this journey.

It was agreed that all paper work was to be neatly filed and given to Light to India Foundation by the Indian mission director, prior to leaving India. (This was not done)


Rent was paid for living in the home of Indian mission director, (to cover the cost of food and lodging at $500.00 for each 30 days for each person.)

September $500.00 Paid in full
October $250.00 Paid in full for 10 days I stayed in the residence
November   No stay in the residence

Addition fees paid:

All fees for all team members (total of 3) were covered for all travel, motel and food.

November 18, 2014 $500.00 Motel building rental fee for a meeting that was held

Rental Fees:

Back rent on the home/Bible college for the year of 2012 –2013:   $5000.00
1 motorcycle August 2014 (given to pastor):   $1200.00
Bibles for India 2014:   $1000.00
Donation to Bishop John Markandeya October 2014:   $1000.00
Disaster funds for Vazag cyclone:   $2000.00
Purchase of 3 goats (L2I funds):   $270.00
Land Purchased for a future ministry:   $200.00