“I live in Shimla (H.P) India. My father and mother are work as labors. We are two brother and two sister.

In 2010 me and my mother met in accident after that accident my mother had few injures in her body but my back was injured badly. My back bone was broken in two parts that’s why my lower part was paralyzed. After this incident my family was discouraged. I was just 18 at that time when this happened. When was in hospital man came with my sister and he told me about Jesus Christ. At that was the first time had heard about Jesus Christ. I didn’t took seriously Jesus at that time. In those days couldn’t move inch form my bed and that’s why got bedsores on my bottom, almost one and half inch.


We moved another place near hospital and then met some Christian peoples over there. They taught me about Jesus Christ again and they told my condition to their pastor. The pastor came and he told me lots of thing about Jesus Christ like Jesus loves us so much for our sins he died on cross. Many times they came and prayed for me and they prayed over an oil and told me to put on your wounds. I did as they said and my wounds are start healing day by day. Now start believing in Lord Jesus. One thing know, the Lord loves me and found way for me.

3In our family there is not only one problem but my both younger brothers had problem in their knees and we took one of them hospital and he had some problem on his waist and the doctor did some x-ray of him. Doctor first said for operation and after one day he said we couldn’t do his operation. We all thought that after oppression he will be fine but doctor said no. We are very discourage at that time and pastor said don’t worry aunty uncle. When the one door is close for you the Lord open several doors for you. The Lord Jesus did Mercy on us he made way for us one NGO came to help them they took both my brother to another place called Chandīgarh and did their operation. We could not spend any money from our pockets. It was done by Lord Jesus.

After that was suffering from some evil spirits and he stopped my voice. Could not say anything and started seizing my neck. Dad called the pastor and they came there in midnight and they all started praying for me, after half an hour Satan leave my body. If Lord Jesus not healed me that day would not be alive today.

After passing one year one day we lost our elder brother in sky lighting he was just 23 year old. My mom dad we all are broken down at that time very badly. It was very hard time for my mom dad. At that time only God Jesus gave his peace in our life. I didn’t say that our all kind problem and situations are finished but have faith on him that he knew our situations. He give us strength to fight all kind of problem and situations. I can proudly say that believe in Lord Jesus and he is my Savior. Halleluiah!”

5Her name is Sanita, and what a privilege is is to know her! I asked that she would send me her testimony (above) so that I might share it with you.

She is the daughter of migrant workers in the mountain areas of India. To travel there, it takes several hours by plane, then hours by train, after which we reach the city center by car and enter the heart of the mountain city. In this area, laborers may earn the equivalent of $1.00 per day.

Sanita’s father’s and mother’s working skills are lifting heavy loads, brick laying and they spend long hours working in extremely cold weather. As a family, they are used to laboring every day, but now that they have come to know the Lord, they have set Sundays aside as day of worship.

I’ve traveled to see Sanita several times now, and visited her home and church. Her family is humble and sweet and they always share hot tea and cookies when I visit.

After Sanita’s motorcycle accident, she was left paralyzed from the waist down. Sanita is now a blessing to 30-plus children per day. The children come to her house where she helps them do homework and teaches them the Bible. This beautiful family has never said one word about the hard life they live. Instead, I see them as the most joy-filled family I have ever met.

Every Sunday, her brother carries her up the mountain and over 30 steps that are broken and near rubble, then across thin catwalk (without rails) and into the building that is used as a church.

Our wish list for this beautiful daughter of ZION:

1. Wheelchair
2. Small monthly support to help her heat the “new paper lined walls” of her very small home

Her parents are aging and her brothers, as you read, are not able to support her in the days to come. I have asked her permission to share her testimony, and she was filled with joy to share how Christ sustains her life.

Will you consider helping us to help Sanita? 100% of every dollar that comes to Light to India Ministries goes to India. We change lives, one day at time, one life at time.