Prostitution is as common in India as any where else on Earth. But in India, the primary reasons are extreme poverty and lack of education. Indian girls, particularly those from rural India, are often not trained except in domestic skills. Cooking (over an open fire), cleaning (sweeping a dirt floored hut and beating laundry on a flat stone) and child care. Food and shelter are provided by a father, a family member or a husband. If he is injured or dies or abandons the family, she is often destitute with no salable skills. To eat, to live, she is forced to sell the only thing she has, her body. This is the problem; Light to India Ministries is seeking a solution by teaching her a salable skill in an honorable profession so her life would be transformed.

We are currently providing training in tailoring. Beyond that, each successful graduate is given the sewing machine she was trained on and help in finding a job. A job will mean she could provide food and shelter for herself and perhaps a family member.

To do this, we need to provide a teacher’s salary, sewing machines, classroom space, and material supplies. To provide a 24-week course, including a sewing machine, will cost $600- a very reasonable price for a new life. But for a poor girl trapped in prostitution, it is beyond her reach. Will you consider giving $600 to change a life?