There is a direct challenge to meet the needs of the growing economy in India, and that will take a team of workers. For generations in India, the working class people have carried the load of labor every day. This small group of people consists mostly of family member who have moved from north India to find work in one of the bigger cities in the south. We arrived there to see the damage that had been done over time to their makeshift homes. The heat by day was wearing on their lives. The rain came in their huts, and mud flowed across their beds. Each day they would go out to find work repairing cook top propane stoves. Without tools they struggle. Without a dry place to live, they are left to get sick and remain sick. Without proper water containers, they don’t drink even the free water they can receive from the local government, and the bathrooms were not even on the grounds. There was no privacy, not place to take a shower or wash.

So we built 9 shelters and bathhouses for them and the children this day. The summer heat was so bad without trees, so we purchased shade netting to cover the vast areas of the grounds so they might have a cool place to rest.

Lives are changed and they are filled with laughter and joy for the season. Children were playing and singing as the day went by. Grandmother and grandfather in the village stood up and sang a song of joy when given two new blue tarps with which to build a new dry hut.

Helping the poor is not an option for us, and Light to India Foundation loved doing this work! For the meager sum of $500.00 and with God’s help, we changed the lives of a village family this day.