Meet Our Ministry Team

Pastor Andrew

Pastor Andrew is a very unassuming man, a few inches over five feet tall. He leads a small group of believers in a little village in southern India. He and his wife and children serve this group with complete dedication. Together they had built a mud brick church building with a palm frond roof. Here they shared the worship experience with each other and with any who would accept their invitation.

This small church grew and flourished until one night when an unbelieving neighbor decided to burn it down. Pastor Andrew and his family escaped with their lives, but the church was a total loss. It was about a year after the fire when we first met Andrew.

He and his son were working at rebuilding the church. It was something they did each day. They were limited only by their meager resources, but they were building a stronger, better and more fire resistant structure than before. Brick and mortar are expensive, yet everything they had, beyond simply enough food to survive, went into their church.

Seeing their dedication, and working through a local Indian ministry called Light for Hope, we have been helping to underwrite the materials needed to complete the rebuilding of Pastor Andrew’s Church. When we saw it last in August, the church was ready for installation of its roof.

Pastor Salman

This pastor is gifted and faithlful in the work he does in his community and his church. Gifted in worship as a singer, Pastor Salman is a dedicated man. His compassion for people overflows through the work of two congregations. Although one is small in size, they are doing mighty works for God in this land of the lost. Pastor Salman is a man of prayer who is seldom heard to express the needs of his churches. Although they are smaller and work with the poor, he prefers to bring all their needs to the Lord.

Pastor Salman’s First church is held in the main city of a larger city. It’s a church that his father started and now he watches over as shepherd. The second is a planting, 15 Km (9 miles) into the countryside, where he felt God’s call to go to those who work in the fields. He carries his equipment, speakers and drums all by motorbike, through rain, wind and heat, wherever he goes. In addition to the churches, he is responsible for his aged father and mother, sisters and extended family members. He has suffered much persecution by the locals and yet raises his hands always in praise to the Lord.

Please remember this man of the cloth and all that he endures for the Good News. He isn’t worried that his church is small, or that he is poor, but rather worries for the lost and for the needs of others. To be an effective witness in this land, he needs prayer and financial support. We at Light to India Foundation have visited his churches may times and witnessed The Mighty Hand upon this place as the “Light” of the Word is being preached here. We are asking God for monthly support to help this pastor, feed the poor, take care of widows and encourage him in the effective witness he is to the children and the youth of his area. Please think about how you can help Salman and many others like him who are doing what you and I cannot do.