This is Dr. T. and he loves the work he does to help people take care of their teeth. But more the that, he wanted to help the poor children in his area to have proper dental care, and that is what he does.

Each week he goes into the public schools and teaches children the importance of proper dental care. Then he offers the children free dental care to show how he believes and how he trusts God to supply his needs to take care of the poor and needy in his area.

Giving of time and resources to help the poor is not common among people who have money anywhere in the world. This is a son of a poor pastor, who worked hard and made his way through school stop that he might come back to his area and help the poor among his neighbors and friends.

Light to India Foundation can help this young dentist continue his work. If you’d like to join us in this important humanitarian work, you may do so via our PayPal donation page.

Dental Work Among the Poor